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We are a leader in providing from planning/design to construction/installation and operation/maintenance based on clients’ requirements. We make full use of the latest technologies in the field of network integration, system integration and innovative facilities integration

EXEO ASIA COMPANY LIMITED was established on 3rd January 2018 by the management and team with experience in providing from planing&design to contruction&installation and operation&maintenance based on clients’ requirements. Our vision is to be the leading provider of integrated ICT and facility solutions, empowering businesses and communities with innovative, sustainable, and seamless technologies that enhance efficiency, connectivity, and quality of life. We strive to set the industry standard through our commitment to excellence, holistic approach, and dedication to creating smarter, more sustainable environments that support the diverse needs of our clients and the communities we serve.”

We are aiming to elevate your business with innovative ICT & Facilities solutions, tailored to optimize efficiency, enhance collaboration, and drive success in the digital era

EXEO Group, Inc. Corporation established a joint venture company “EXEO ASIA CO., LTD. as of January 3rd 2018 that will provide various telecommunications facilities and electrical equipment operations inside and outside of Thailand for the purpose to enter the business in Thailand and strengthen its development in Southeast Asia.

About EXEO Group, Inc

EXEO Group, Inc is a Japanese conglomerate in the construction and supply of telecommunications infrastructure, electrical, civil and environmental engineering services, systems solutions and integration services.

Established in 1954 in Japan, the company started out linking Japan through electric wires and phone lines. The company later expanded its operations to provide buildings and electric equipment, and now connects urban systems from plants to subways and railways. The company also provides systems that allow people to connect with each other more comfortably at work and in their everyday lives through 5G and the cloud.

Exeo Global is regional headquarters of Tokyo Stock Exchange listed EXEO Group, Inc. in Japan.

Our subsidiaries have strong and wide-ranging expertise in the fields of ICT infrastructure, trade technology and M&E engineering

EXEO Global was established in November 2018 in Singapore as the regional headquarters of the EXEO Group, Inc. that facilitates the operational and strategic management of overseas subsidiaries. Through enhanced marketing activities including sales promotion by the top management and synergies among the respective subsidiaries, we have improved the Group-wide structure to identify business problems faced by growth markets and convert them into promising business opportunities.

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Exeo Asia provides One-Stop wide-ranging solutions for ICT solution, telecommunications and electrical equipment in Thailand and surrounding countries, with the goal of enhancing business development in Southeast Asia.

Network Solution

Transform your connectivity experience with our comprehensive Network and WiFi Solutions. From designing resilient network architectures to deploying cutting-edge WiFi technologies, we specialize in delivering seamless connectivity for your business

Server&Storage Solution

Designed to meet the diverse needs of your business. From powerful hardware configurations to streamlined server management, we provide a comprehensive approach to ensure optimal performance, data integrity, and scalability

Cybersecurity Solution

Comprehensive suite of cutting-edge security services is designed to fortify your digital landscape against ever-evolving threats. From robust threat detection to proactive risk mitigation, we empower businesses with resilient defenses, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical assets.

Cloud Solution

Complete solutions including consulting, planning, and installing data storage and working systems that are connected directly to the cloud platform. These solutions will aid your business to digitize working process without the need of additional hardware, software and platform investments.

Third Party Maintenance (TPM) and Refurbished Device

Our technology consultants will work with you and propose thenbest support coverage based on your requirements. Save up 65% of costs versus OEM for End-of-Life / EOSL hardware support, with multi-vendor expertise across wide range of equipment

Building and Energy Management Solution

Open innovation platform of buildings – a collaborative IoT solution that is scalable, secure and global to create smart and future-ready buildings. It ensures customers’ smart buildings are even more connected, hyper-efficient, truly sustainable, and always simple

Professional Service

Our experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions for your unique needs. From strategic consulting to meticulous project management

Support Service

Our support team is committed to ensuring that your business operations run seamlessly. From troubleshooting technical issues to offering expert guidance, we are here to enhance your experience and optimize your systems

EXEO ASIA Solution Product

Exeo Asia provides wide-ranging solutions for ICT Solution, Telecommunications, Electrical equipment and Facilities Solution in Thailand and surrounding countries with the goal of enhancing business development in Southeast Asia.

PicoCela WiFi

  • PicoCELA solutions enable stable Wi-Fi networks while significantly reducing dependency on LAN cables


  • Provide design, setup, configuration, installation and test of WLAN including radio survey and also all the device required.

Building and Energy Management System (BMS)

  • EcoStruxure Building Operation software is the heart of our renowned building management system


  • Provide total solution including design, setup, configuration, and also install device.
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Exeo Asia Co., ltd.

Exeo Asia Co., ltd.

Exeo Asia Co., ltd.

Exeo Asia Co., ltd.

Exeo Asia Co., ltd.

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